What is TreatmentMatching?

Developed by Addiction Psychiatrist, Pat Fehling MD, TreatmentMatching.com helps patients and addiction professionals navigate the recovery treatment system.  We use industry-specific algorithms to build a more sophisticated search engine.  This engine focuses on multiple areas of addiction treatment so patients align with a better fit.

We submit our program evaluation packet around the country to hundreds of treatment entities.  Those programs tell us what they offer and we present the information to you in an easily searchable format.  Those programs don’t write their listing…we do based on our program review structure.  This service is currently free of charge.

Here are just a few examples of our search features:

Need a sober living environment when you move to a new state?  Search for Sober Living options and the specific state within our Search Tool.

Do you take buprenorphine and need a residential program that works with this med?  Search Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) Programs under Treatment Services.

Are you an attorney struggling with alcoholism?  Maybe a treatment center with a dedicated Attorney’s Program would be a great fit for you!  Search Professionals’ Program under Treatment Services

Interested in a complete listing within your state?  Search through our detailed US Map feature.

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